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The Illinois Mechanics Act

All participants in private construction projects should have at a basic understanding of the mechanics lien process. Contractor’s Lien Advisors – We are experts on Chicago Mechanics Lien.

The Illinois Mechanics Lien Act is beneficial to contractors and those that supply materials for private construction or improvement projects. This mechanics lien act allows the contractor or supplier of materials to have a mechanics lien placed on the property that was worked on and eventually have the balance due under the lien claim ultimately paid by eventually selling the property. The Illinois Mechanics Lien Act holds the property owner to deal with a balance due to a material supplier or contractor even when said owner did not contract directly with either of these parties.

When Mechanics Lien can be used

Under the Illinois Mechanic Lien Act it is very clearly specified when liens can be used, and, because a lien carries much legal power, the lien must have exact compliance with the requirements of the Act. A general contractor must record its claim for lien in the county of the property’s location within four months of the last day of provision of materials or labor the property. Also, the general contractor must file suit within two years of the last day of supply or labor provision for the property. The contractor has four months to record its claim and if they fail to do so, it may have the lien claim enforced against the property owner. But in this event the claim is not held with priority over the claims of other parties with interest in the property, such as lenders.

The Mechanics Lien Act places more burden on parties such as subcontractors and materials suppliers to work on their lien claim because these parties are not directly in contract with the property owner. For these parties, there is the obligation to serve the owner as well as the owner’s lender with a 60-day notice of intent to lien the property if the property is occupied by a single family owner. All other types of property carry a 90-day notice requirement.

All participants in private construction projects should have at a basic understanding of the mechanics lien process. We are experts on Chicago Mechanics Lien. File Chicago Mechanics Lien with out preparation and recordation. Contractors Lien Advisors provides all services for mechanics lien including property search, preliminary notices, title search, mechanics lien release, mechanics lien waivers (both partial and full), notary public, and translations.

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Filing a Mechanics Lien in Chicago


Chicago Mechanic’s Lien Advisors: How to File a Mechanic’s Lien

Chicago Mechanics Lien Advisors are here to help you establish your lien rights so that you can get paid for the construction projects you do. A Mechanics’ Lien is an extraordinary remedy for contractors, subcontractors, and others related to the construction industry to resolve payment problems.

Mechanic’s Lien Claim in Chicago

The mechanics lien claim is a legal term that describes a method for a contractor who did work on a project to ultimately receive payment when the project owner is not forthcoming. When people who work on a construction project under a contract that requires payment for services and materials rendered does not receive payment after a reasonable amount of time, they can file a mechanic’s lien. Of course, a contractor who has a contractual relationship with an owner can sue the owner for non-payment, and put a lien on the property. Neither action is constrained by the worth of the property. If the unpaid work and recovery costs add up to more, the contractor can get a judgment against the owner of the property and they can also collect against any assets held by the owner. If the lien is not satisfied, there are certain remedies that can be exercised. Always check with Illinois state’s lien law before filing. Usually, filing a Chicago Mechanics Lien is easy, but the timing to file a mechanics lien is essential.

The second and third tier of subcontractors and suppliers can file Chicago Mechanics Lien Claims or a direct cause of action against the contractor after certain legal requirements have been met. The lien claims will attach to the accrued value of the property to pay for services of subcontractors whose work increased the value of the property.

Generally, a Sworn Statement of Mechanic’s Lien must be provided to file a mechanics lien in the Chicago Office of the Recorder within 60 days of the last work or delivery. As with this and any other provision, it is best to check with the legal authorities to ascertain the correctness of the intended action.

Filing a Mechanic’s Lien in Chicago is an effective way of securing payment when all else fails.

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